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Expert Witness vs. Legal Nurse Consultant

I have read lately that some attorneys doesnt want their expert witnesses to be Legal Nurse Consultants or disclose it.  I realize you cant be working both sides of the case at the same time but you can be one or the other on a case.  I read this quote from Gyalia Rutledge, RN, LNC “The problem that I am running into is that every CV I get, nurses are wanting to put on their CV cases that they have reviewed, the LNC course that they took etc. My attorney that I work for all agree that they do not want “legal work” on a CV. They are strictly looking for the clinical work that you do”.

This really doesnt make any sense to me because its just credentials stating that we have a better understanding of how the legal process works in med-mal, PI, toxic tort, or product disability etc. To be expert witness one usually wants the RN to be working in the clinical area still but why does it matter if I’m an LNC.  If they are a Legal Nurse
Consultant and they do not include that in their resume, what happens when the opposing council asks them about their credentials? Do you want them to give you a resume with info left off it so that it can appear in court
instead and surprise you? It would appear then that we were lying.  I am confused about this discussion going on at LNC PracticeBuilder LNC'sLNC PracticeBuilder LNC’s.  I guess it boils down to whatever the attorney’s preference is. As Gyalia stated “if you are going to work for her attorney’s then dont list it on your CV.  Doesnt make it right or wrong because its just a preference. So be sure you know what your attorney prefers in the beginning.

Sharon Lewis RN, CLNC



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